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Love is in the Air!

Amore opened it’s doors in September 2008 in the heart of the Merchant City, Glasgow, and has continued to serve up fantastic dishes within the elegant decor which has had no expense spared. All of this makes Amore a state of the art restaurant and a fine dining ambience that can be enjoyed by anyone, from couples, families and casual diners alike. Every small detail has been taken care of from the private booths, romantic setting and even the branded napkins, uniforms and gifts.

Amore is the Italian word for ‘love’, but it is also related to ‘passion’, which Italians use commonly to emphasise the love for food and wine. This business is run by the Perella family, originally from the village of Picinisco in Southern Italy, with care and commitment. But the word ‘Amore’ has been chosen also as the name for the restaurant to homage the owner’s wife, as she generally uses this word to refer to her husband when, as he believes, she is in ‘a good mood’.