Italian restaurant in Glasgow


Amore d’Italia Dennistoun
Minestrone £3.95
Traditional Italian vegetable soup served with Italian bread. 
Zuppa Del Giorno £3.95
Chef’s soup of the day served with Italian bread. 
Mozzarella Sticks £5.95
Stick shaped cheese fried in breadcrumbs & served with a Napoli dip. 
Stornoway Italian Style £6.95
Crostini bread topped with black pudding & melted goats cheese. 
Pa?te? e Hummus £4.95
Two spreads, chicken liver with mixed herb pa?te? & hummus spread served with Italian bread, biscuits & a garnish of salad. 
Spicy Chicken Wings £4.95
Tasty chicken pieces on the bone coated in our spicy bbq & sweet chilli sauce. 
Bruschetta 595 (SP) Pomodoro: Cherry Tomato & Basil ~ £4.95
Gamberi: Marie Rose Prawns ~ £5.95
Funghi: Garlic Mushrooms ~ £4.95
Toasted Italian bread with tomatoes, red onion, garlic and fresh basil drizzled with olive oil. 
Hot Chilli Gamberoni £7.45
King prawns cooked in a chilli & garlic sauce served over Italian bread. 
Cozze 597 (SP) Marinara: Napoli sauce ~ £6.95
Bianche: White wine sauce Served with garlic bread. ~ £6.95
Fresh mussels, cooked in a sauce of your choosing. 
Spiedini Di Pollo £5.95
Chicken breadcrumb skewers served with sweet chilli sauce & a garnish of salad. 
Insalata Caprese £5.95
Seasoned fresh mozzarella di latte cheese & sliced tomato served on a bed of lettuce. 
Prawn Cocktail £5.95
North Atlantic baby prawns in marie rose sauce on a bed of fresh crispy lettuce, towered with by two king prawns, a lemon wedge, sliced tomatoes & cucumber. 
Smoked Salmon £7.45
Smoked Scottish salmon & North Atlantic baby prawns in marie rose sauce on a bed of fresh crispy lettuce. 
Sicilian Arancini £5.95
Deep fried breaded risotto balls stuffed with ham, peas, mozzarella di latte cheese, breadcrumbs & ragu sauce (to die for). 
Spare Ribs £4.95
Veal ribs marinated in bbq sauce. American style! 
Meatball della Nonna £5.95
Served with spicy tomato sauce & melted mozzarella cheese on top. 
Nachos Italiano £4.95
Tortilla chips topped with bolognese sauce, melted mozzarella cheese & hot jalapen?o peppers. 
Rabbie Burns £9.95
Rabbie Burns 
Vegetariana £10.95
Mushroom, red onion, mixed peppers & artichoke. 
Quattro Stagioni £10.95
Chicken, ham, mushroom & red onion all divided into 4 sections of the pizza to resemble the four season (quattro stagioni) of the year. 
Tonno £10.95
Tuna & red onion. 
Italiano £11.95
Salami, gorgonzola & black olives. 
Prosciutto Di Parma £12.95
Parma ham, rocket, topped with Parmesan shavings. 
Amore d’Italia £10.95
Spicy chicken, mushroom & red onion. 
Hawaii £9.95
Ham and pineapple with a tomato sauce base and fior di latte cheese. 
Parade £9.95
Sundried tomatoes & black olives 
Affettati £11.95
Pepperoni, salami & chorizo. 
Diavolo £10.95
Pietro’s famous spicy Italian style sausage, spicy chicken, jalapeño peppers & crush chilli. SUPER HOT!!! 
New York £10.95
Chicken & pepperoni drizzled with BBQ sauce on top. 
Gaelic £11.95
Stornoway black pudding, pepperoni & Italian sausages 
Calabrese vs La Rioja £10.95
Nduja which is the finest D.O.C. spicy Italian Calabrese sausage along with chorizo which is the finest spicy Spanish Riojan sausage. The combination of both you will really enjoy! 
Happy £10.95
Smoked sausage & chippy chips. 
Calzone Classico £11.95
A folded pizza filled with Italian sausage, ham & mushroom with our standard fresh tomato sauce, Fior di Latte & mozzarella cheese. 
Margherita £8.45
A thin crust Italian pizza base topped with a fresh tomato sauce, fior di latte cheese and basil. 
Caprese £9.95
Freshly sliced tomatoes & mozzarella di Fiore cheese. 
Fusilli Napoletana £7.95
Twisted pasta with ripe plum tomatoes in a fresh tomato & herb sauce 
Spaghetti Bolognese £9.35
The traditional Italian meat mixed in a tomato sauce. 
Cannelloni £9.35
One large tubular pasta filled with ricotta cheese, cooked in our Napoli sauce. 
Parmigiana alla Melanzane £9.35
Aubergine baked in a rich tomato sugo with Parmesan. 
Penne Arrabiata £8.45
A hot and spicy tomato sauce cooked with chilli and fresh basil leaves. 
Spaghetti Carbonara £10.45
Strips of succulent bacon, garlic, white wine, black pepper, egg yolk and cream. 
Penne Dell’ Amore £10.45
Pasta with chicken, mushrooms, broccoli, peas & red onions in a garlic cream sauce with a touch of chilli cooked with Amore. 
Spaghetti Con Polpette £10.45
Pasta with homemade Italian meatballs in a tomato sauce 
Linguine Al Gamberoni e Chorizo £12.95
King prawns, fresh chilli, chorizo sausage, tomatoes, roast peppers & spinach 
Fusilli Al Salmone £11.45
Twist pasta with onions & smoked salmon in an aurora sauce.  
Penne Amatriciana £11.45
Strips of bacon cooked in a fresh tomato sauce with onions, garlic & fresh spices. 
Fusilli Ricotta e Carne £10.45
Pasta with spicy Italian sausage, chickpeas & tomato sauce. 
Spaghetti Carbonara di Mare £14.95
The typical carbonara but with a twist. A selection of seafood cooked in a creamy carbonara sauce for a delicious flavour.  
Penne Del Femio £10.45
House Speciality Italian sausage sautéed in an olive oil, onion & mushroom sauce with white wine, herbs & a touch of garlic, chilli & ragu sauce 
Spaghetti Carbonara Alla Scozzese £11.45
Stornoway black pudding & white onion cooked in a cream sauce. 
Macaroni Cheese £9.45
Pasta in our homemade American style creamy cheddar cheese sauce. 
Lasagne Al Forno £9.45
The traditional Italian favourite. 
Linguine Prawns £11.45
A hot and spicy tomato sauce cooked with chillies, fresh basil leaves, prawns, cherry tomatoes and white wine, topped with fresh rocket. 
Gnocchi 4 Formaggi £9.45
Homemade gnocchi in a four cheese sauce 
Gnocchi Alla Sorrentina £9.45
Homemade gnocchi in a tomato sauce topped with melted mozzarella di latte chees 
Linguine Proffesori £10.45
Chicken, bacon, mushroom & cherry tomato cooked in a white wine sauce. 
Ravioli Casalinga £10.45
Beef filled pasta parcels cooked in an aurora sauce with a touch of ragu. 
Tortelloni Verdi £10.45
Pasta filled with ricotta & spinach cheese, cooked in a creamy sauce with cherry tomato. Topped with rocket & Parmesan shavings. 
Fusilli Salsiccia £10.45
Pasta with salsiccia & ricotta cheese cooked in a tomato sauce. 
Risotto Frutti Di Mare £13.95
A selection of squid, king prawns, fresh mussels cooked in a lightly spiced tomato sauce for a delicate flavour.  
Risotto Chorizo £10.95
Chorizo & red onion.  
Risotto Salmone £11.95
Smoked salmon cooked in a white wine sauce with a touch of tomato 
Haddock £10.45
Hand caught haddock cut angel shaped. Just batter, no breadcrumbs. 
Haddock Special £11.45
Same as above but with breadcrumbs. 
Cod £10.45
Just batter, no breadcrumbs. 
Lemon Sole £10.45
With batter & breadcrumbs. 
Calamari Fritti £9.95
With batter & breadcrumbs. 
Scampi £10.45
With batter & breadcrumbs 
Scallops £11.95
With batter & breadcrumbs or no breadcrumbs. 
King Prawns £10.95
With batter & breadcrumbs or no breadcrumbs. 
Pollo Milanese £14.35
Breast of chicken in breadcrumbs shallow fried in a mix of our own breadcrumbs & Panko served with spaghetti Napoletana. 
Pollo Valdostana £14.95
Breast of chicken with Parma ham & melted mozzarella cooked in a tomato & white wine sauce, served with the choice of mix veg, mash, rice or chippy chips. 
Pollo Parmesan £14.95
Breaded chicken fillet shallow fried & then topped with a cheddar & bechamel sauce served with chippy chips. 
Pollo Al Pepe £14.95
Breast of chicken cooked in a creamy peppercorn sauce, flamed with brandy, served with the choice of mix veg, mash, rice or chippy chips. 
Bistecca al Ferri £19.95
Sirloin steak cooked on a grilled to your liking; rare, medium or well done, served with the choice of mix veg, mash, rice or chippy chips. 
Bistecca Al Pepe £20.95
Sirloin steak grilled in a creamy peppercorn sauce, flamed with brandy, served with the choice of mix veg, mash, rice or chippy chips. 
Bistecca Alla Diana £23.95
Sirloin steak grilled with mushroom & onion in a demi glace sauce with cream, tomato, mustard & a touch of brandy, served with the choice of mix veg, mash, rice or chippy chips. 
Amore Burger £11.45
Our Head Chef special with peppercorn sauce 
Burger Semplici £8.25
Our homemade beef burger with cos lettuce & sliced tomato served with chippy chips. 
Impanato Burger £8.25
Breaded chicken burger with cos lettuce & sliced tomato served with chippy chips 
Chicken Burger £8.25
Grilled chicken burger with sautéed mixed peppers served with chippy chips 
Spigola Al Forno £15.95
Seabass cooked in a white wine sauce served with the choice of mix veg, mash or rice. 
Salmone dell’ Amore £14.95
Salmon cooked in an pesto & aurora sauce finished with cherry tomatoes & baby prawns 
Gamberoni Alla Provinciale £15.95
King prawns sautéed with onions, garlic, chilli, fresh herbs and white wine in a rich tomato sauce garnished with fresh cherry tomatoes served with rice. 
Caesar £8.45
Classic salad mixed with Caesar dressing, crispy croutons & topped with parmesan shavings. 
Insalata Mediterraneo £8.45
Mixed salad with cherry tomatoes, mixed peppers, cucumber & black olives dressed alread 
Insalata di Tonno £10.95
Mixed salad with tuna, cherry tomatoes, mixed peppers, cucumber, black olives & red onion dressed already. 
Basket of Italian Bread £2.45
Served with olive oil & balsamic vinegar. 
Garlic Bread £3.45
Oven baked bread smothered with garlic butter. 
Focaccia 608 (SP) Garlic Olive Oil & Rosemary ~ £5.45
Cherry Tomato & Basil ~ £6.25
Mozzarella Cheese & Garlic Butter ~ £6.25
Patate Fritte £3.45
Homemade chippy chips from our range next door. 
Cipolle Fritte £3.45
Sliced onion rings deep fried in our secret homemade batter. 
Olive Miste £5.45
A mix of black & green olives marinated with chilli,garlic & herbs served with bread. 
Insalatina Mista £4.45
Our mixed house salad served with our own homemade dressing. 
Insalatina di Rucola £4.45
A modern rocket Italian salad, topped with Parmesan shavings. 
Tiramisu (Homemade) £5.45
The classic Italian sponge soaked in coffee, baileys & topped with cocoa powder. 
Cheesecake (Homemade) £5.95
Strawberry flavoured or Billionaire flavoured served with either pouring cream or vanilla ice cream 
Chocolate Fudge Cake £5.95
Served hot or cold with ice cream or pouring cream. 
Gelato Misto £5.00
3 scoops of our flavoured Italian ice cream  
Sticky Toffee Pudding £5.95
Served hot with vanilla ice cream. 
Pizza Nutella £13.00
A pizza base served warm, smothered with Nutella chocolate, baked to indulgence & dusted with icing sugar. MAMMA MIA 
Strawberry Mess £5.95
Fresh strawberries blended with crushed meringue, whipped cream, vanilla ice cream & strawberry coulis. 
Brownie Sundae £5.95
A sundae made up of crushed brownie, chocolate sauce, flakes & vanilla ice cream. 
Milkshake £3.95
Vanilla, Strawberry or Chocolate. 
Soft Drinks by the glass 690 (SP) Reg ~ £2.85
Lge ~ £3.45
Coke, Diet Coke, Lemonade 
Mineral Water £3.25
Still or sparkling 500ml 
Cans £2.95
Coke, Diet Coke, Irn-Bru, Diet Irn-Bru, Fanta, Sprite & Ginger Beer 
Fruit Shoot £1.70
Blackcurrant & Apple, Orange 
Red Bull £3.25
Appletiser £2.95
Apple Juice £2.85
Cranberry Juice £2.85
Fresh Orange & Lemonade £2.85
Soda & Lime £2.85
San Pellegrino £3.45
Limonata or Blood Orange 
Fresh orange £2.85
Ice Cream Float £3.45
Milkshake £3.95
Vanilla, Strawberry or Chocolate. 
Peroni Draught 704 (SP) 1/2 Pint ~ £2.95
Pint ~ £4.95
Nastro Azzurro £3.95
Peroni by bottle 
Birra Moretti £3.95
Budweiser £3.95
Corona £3.95
Non Alcoholic Beer £3.45
Mela Rosa Italian Cider £3.85
Magners Cider £3.85
Kopparberg Mixed Fruit £3.85
Kopparberg Strawberry & Lime £3.85
Strongbow Cider £3.85
Smirnoff Ice £3.85
Coffee £2.45
White or black 
Espresso 743 (SP) Single ~ £1.95
Double ~ £2.45
Short, sharp & full bodied flavour 
Espresso Macchiato £2.25
Topped with freshly foamed milk 
Cappuccino £2.45
No explanation is necessary 
Caffe Latte £2.65
A long milky coffee topped with frothy milk served in a tall glass 
Hot Chocolate £2.95
Served in a tall glass with whipped cream 
Pot Of Tea £2.25
Traditional English or different flavours of herbal tea 
Irish Coffee £4.35
Jameson‘s & fresh cream 
Calypso Coffee £4.35
Tia Maria & fresh cream 
Baileys Coffee £4.35
With fresh cream 
Sambuca £3.35
Amaretto £3.35
Limoncello £3.35
Strega £3.35
Vecchia Romagna £3.35
Baileys £3.35
Drambuie £3.35
Cointreau £3.35
Grappa £3.35
House Red 729 (SP) 125ml ~ £3.55
175ml ~ £5.15
250ml ~ £6.75
1/2 Carafe ~ £13.25
Bottle ~ £17.95
Please ask your server for today’s choice of House Wine. 
Montepulciano D’Abruzzo DOC, Sunelle Organi 730 (SP) 125ml ~ £3.85
175ml ~ £5.65
250ml ~ £7.25
1/2 Carafe ~ £14.25
Bottle ~ £19.95
Intense ruby red in colour with light violet reflections. It has a light, fruity bouquet with a rich and harmonic taste and a round, full bodied finish. 
Shiraz – Syrah Siroe IGT 731 (SP) 125ml ~ £3.85
175ml ~ £5.65
250ml ~ £7.25
1/2 Carafe ~ £14.25
Bottle ~ £19.95
Lovely soft red wine with gentle spice. Hints of amarena and red cherry. Harmonious on the palate. 
Primitivo Del Salento IGT £19.95
Well structured, full bodied, and persistent red from Puglia. Distinctive notes of dried fig on the nose and the palate. 
House White 733 (SP) 125ml ~ £3.55
175ml ~ £5.15
250ml ~ £6.75
1/2 Carafe ~ £13.25
Bottle ~ £17.95
Please ask your server for today’s choice of House Wine 
Pinot Grigio IGT, Sunelle Bio Organic 734 (SP) 125ml ~ £3.85
175ml ~ £5.65
250ml ~ £7.25
1/2 Carafe ~ £14.25
Bottle ~ £19.95
Brilliant straw yellow with coppery hues. Delicate aromas with fruity notes and yellow fruits. The taste is harmonic, fresh with a good body and persistent finish. 
Sauvignon Bianco Veneto IGT, Torresella 735 (SP) 125ml ~ £4.05
175ml ~ £5.95
250ml ~ £7.75
1/2 Carafe ~ £15.75
Bottle ~ £20.95
Single vineyard!! Reminiscent of elderflower and fig leaf on the nose. Soft aromatic flavour. Extremely fresh and crisp with an elegant structure and long finish on the palate. 
Chardonnay DOC £23.95
Fruity on the nose, developing hints of honey, tropical fruits and vanilla. Fresh, creamy and round on the palate whilst elegant and complete in its structure. 
House Rosé 737 (SP) 125ml ~ £3.55
175ml ~ £4.65
250ml ~ £6.75
1/2 Carafe ~ £13.25
Bottle ~ £17.95
Please ask your server for today’s choice of House Wine. 
Vita Zinfandel Rosé, Puglia 739 (SP) 125ml ~ £3.65
175ml ~ £5.45
250ml ~ £7.05
1/2 Carafe ~ £13.75
Bottle ~ £18.95
Deliciously fruity, medium-dry Zinfandel with red berry flavours; from the deep south of Italy where the sun almost always shines. 
Prosecco DOC Extra Dry 740 (SP) 75cl ~ £22.95
200ml ~ £7.45
This sparkling wine is straw yellow in colour and has a fine 200ml mini bottle £7.95 and persistent perlage. It has an aromatic bouquet, fruity and floral with reminiscences of acacia flowers and wisteria. Refreshing on the palate with balanced acidity and pleasant dry aftertaste. 
Sparkling Rosé, Brut 741 (SP) 75cl ~ £22.95
200ml mini bottle ~ £7.45
Bright rose colour. Fine and delicate perlage. Fruity and flowery bouquet with delicate notes 200ml mini bottle £7.45 of unripe golden apple and small mountain flowers. The flavour is dry, fresh and zesty with a fruity and harmonious aftertaste. 

About Amore

Here at Amore we value the importance of fantastic food and quality service, and would like to take the opportunity to invite you to come and share with us our love and passion for traditional Italian dining.