Italian restaurant in Glasgow


Amore Merchant City
Sangiovese,Rubicone,Giacondi IGT 1356 (SP) 125 ml ~ £3.85
175 ml ~ £5.45
250 ml ~ £6.95
1/2 Carafe ~ £13.45
Bottle ~ £18.95
A versatile ruby red wine with an intense fragrance and a fresh delicate flavour of cherry fruit with soft spice and tomato leave character.Medium intensity with nicely balanced tannins 
House Red 481 (SP) 125 ml ~ £3.75
175 ml ~ £5.25
250 ml ~ £6.75
1/2 carafe ~ £12.95
Full carafe ~ £18.95
Please ask your server for today’s choice of House Wine. 
Primitivo, Codici Masserie IGT 483 (SP) 125 ml ~ £4.25
175 ml ~ £5.85
250 ml ~ £7.75
1/2 Carafe ~ £14.95
Bottle ~ £20.95
Well structured, full bodied, and persistent red from Puglia. Distinctive notes of dried fig on the nose and the palate. 
Shiraz – Syrah Siroe IGT 484 (SP) 125 ml ~ £3.95
175 ml ~ £5.75
250 ml ~ £7.45
1/2 Carafe ~ £14.75
Bottle ~ £19.95
Lovely soft red wine with gentle spice. Hints of amarena and red cherry. Harmonious on the palate. 
Montepulciano D’Abruzzo Zaccagnini DOC, Il Vino dal Tralcetto 2015 485 (SP) 125 ml ~ £4.55
175 ml ~ £6.25
250 ml ~ £8.45
1/2 Carafe ~ £15.95
Bottle ~ £23.95
The wine is wonderfully rounded with an intense ruby red colour, full soft black cherry flavours and damson fruit aromas, full bodied, well balanced with tannin and oak features. 
Chianti D.O.C.G Case Sparse £24.95
This wine expresses all the flavour and characteristics of a Tuscan red. Plumy and full bodied with elegant notes and spice. 
Merlot Trentino DOC £23.95
Spicy on the nose with hints of red summer fruits. Enveloping on the palate with good structure. 
Barolo DOCG £29.95
Another one of italys favourites, it has a dry, full but velvety aroma harmonised with a slight taste of liquorice. 
Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG & DOP La Bastia Ca’ de’ Rocchi £49.95
This superb wine has a deep ruby red colour, with aromas of cherries, berries, exotic fruits and a flavour that is warm, soft and full-bodied. With velvety tannins this wine produces a long pleasant aftertaste. 
House White 494 (SP) 125 ml ~ £3.75
175 ml ~ £5.25
250 ml ~ £6.75
1/2 Carafe ~ £12.95
Full Carafe ~ £18.95
Please ask your server for today’s choice of House Wine 
Grillo IGT 495 (SP) 125 ml ~ £3.85
175 ml ~ £5.45
250 ml ~ £6.95
1/2 Carafe ~ £13.45
Bottle ~ £18.95
Flavoursome and persistent. Aromas of walnut, green pepper & exotic fruit. Nicely bright and refreshing finish. Possibly the next Pinot Grigio! 
Sauvignon Bianco Veneto IGT, Torresella 496 (SP) 125ml ~ £3.95
175ml ~ £5.75
250ml ~ £7.45
1/2 Carafe ~ £14.75
Bottle ~ £19.95
Single vineyard!! Reminiscent of elderflower and fig leaf on the nose. Soft aromatic flavour. Extremely fresh and crisp with an elegant structure and long finish on the palate. 
Pinot Grigio Valdadige DOC, Santa Margherita 498 (SP) 125 ml ~ £4.55
175 ml ~ £6.25
250 ml ~ £8.45
1/2 Carafe ~ £15.95
Bottle ~ £23.95
This dry white wine has a straw yellow colour. Its clean, intense aroma and bone-dry taste depicts juicy flavours of Golden Delicious apples making it a Pinot Grigio of great personality and versatility. 
Soave Classico Araia £23.95
From the historic Soave Classico zone, which lies between the quaint medieval town of Soave and Monteforte D’Alpone, this elegant Soave Classico is produced from hand harvested, gently pressed grapes. Straw-yellow in colour, this superb wine has delicate fresh fruit aromas, particularly apple with a distinct & balanced flavours on the palate. 
Chardonnay DOC 500 (SP) 125 ml ~ £4.45
175 ml ~ £5.95
250 ml ~ £7.95
1/2 Carafe ~ £15.45
Bottle ~ £22.95
Fruity on the nose, developing hints of honey, tropical fruits and vanilla. Fresh, creamy and round on the palate whilst elegant and complete in its structure. 
Gavi di Gavi DOCG Conti Speroni £25.95
Light straw in colour with delicious aromas of almond trees in blossom. The flavour is dry and harmonious with a slightly bittersweet sensation on the palate. 
Vermentino di Sardegna Tenuta L’Ariosa £24.95
Pale yellow with greenish hues. Delicate perfume with floral tones and notes of summer fruits. On the palate the typical notes of the variety of vine are balanced with lively freshness and minerals. 
Lugana Ca’ Maiol “Prestige” 2016 £29.95
With a clean and clear identity. A good consistency with kiwi, lavender and fresh almond sensations, the closing finale is a sensation of musk, with shades of mulberry flowers and mint. The palate is pleasant and soft with a well-balanced finish. 
House Rosé 491 (SP) 125 ml ~ £3.75
175 ml ~ £5.25
250 ml ~ £6.75
1/2 Carafe ~ £12.95
Bottle ~ £18.95
Please ask your server for today’s choice of House Wine. 
Primitivo Zinfandel Rosé, bARI, Puglia 492 (SP) 125ml ~ £4.45
175ml ~ £5.95
250ml ~ £7.95
Half Carafe ~ £15.45
Bottle ~ £22.95
Deliciously fruity, medium-dry Zinfandel with Strawberries flavours; from the deep south of Italy where the sun almost always shines. 
Prosecco DOC Extra Dry 504 (SP) 125ml ~ £6.50
This sparkling wine is straw yellow in colour and has a fine 200ml mini bottle £7.95 and persistent perlage. It has an aromatic bouquet, fruity and floral with reminiscences of acacia flowers and wisteria. Refreshing on the palate with balanced acidity and pleasant dry aftertaste. 
Prosecco DOC Brut, Santa Margherita £27.95
A sparkling wine with a clean, pleasantly fruity bouquet, reminiscent of rennet apples and peach blossom. Its flavour is rounded and well-balanced. 
Sparkling Rosé, Brut 506 (SP) 75cl ~ £27.95
Bright rose colour. Fine and delicate perlage. Fruity and flowery bouquet with delicate notes of unripe golden apple and small mountain flowers. The flavour is dry, fresh and zesty with a fruity and harmonious aftertaste. 
Bellavista Alma Gran Cuvée £37.95
White, bubbly & persistent mousse with a flavour that fully matches the nose. A creamy, almost crunchy sensation & a texture that combines elegance & lightness, depth & harmony. 
Other Bottled Beer £4.45
Corona, Budweiser, Tennent’s & Stella Artois 
Non-Alcoholic Beer £3.95
Moretti Zero 
Gluten-Free Beer £4.75
Nastro Azzurro 
Stout Draught Can £3.95
All Bottled Ciders £3.95
Magners, Strongbow, Mela Rossa (Italian Cider), Kopparberg Strawberry with Lime & Mix Fruit 
Other Alcoholic Beverages £3.95
Smirnoff Ice 
Draught Peroni 509 (SP) 1/2 Pint ~ £3.25
1 Pint ~ £5.45
Craft Beer £5.45
Birra Moretti La Siciliana 
Italian Bottled Beer £4.45
Nastro Azzurro Peroni, Birra Moretti & Menabrea 
Draught 518 (SP) Reg ~ £2.55
Pint ~ £3.25
Coke, Diet Coke, Lemonade, Soda 
Bottles £2.95
Coca Cola, Diet Cola, Sprite, Fanta, Irn-Bru, Diet Irn-Bru, Ginger Beer, Appletiser 
San Pellegrino £2.95
Limonata or Blood Orange 
Energy Drink £3.25
Red Bull 
Italian Mineral Water 522 (SP) 500 ml ~ £2.95
750 ml ~ £3.95
Still or Sparkling (500ml) 
Fruit Juices by glass 523 (SP) 1/2 Pint ~ £2.55
Pint ~ £3.25
Fresh Orange, Pineapple, Cranberry & Apple 
Ice Cream Float £3.25
Served with Cola, Diet Cola or Lemonade 
Milkshake £3.45
Choose from Vanilla, Strawberry or Chocolate. 
Scottish Ice Cream Float £3.95
Served with Bottle of Irn-Bru or Diet-Irn Bru 
White Coffee £2.85
Single shot coffee with frothy milk 
Flat White £3.35
Double shot coffee with frothy milk 
Any Decaffeinated Coffee £0.50
Extra Shot £0.50
Espresso £2.25
Short, sharp & full bodied flavour 
Espresso Macchiato £2.45
Topped with freshly foamed milk 
Cappuccino £2.85
A white coffee with frothy milk topped with chocolate powder 
Caffe Latte £2.85
A long milky coffee topped with frothy milk served in a tall glass 
Pot Of Tea £2.50
English, Green, Peppermint, Camomile, Earl Grey 
Hot Chocolate £2.85
Served in a tall glass with whipped cream 
Frozen Virgin Daiquiri £6.95
Strawberries Flavoured or Peach Flavoured 
Spa Day £6.95
Lime wedges, sugar syrup, mint. leaves, cucumber & ginger beer. 
Espresso Martini £7.45
Smirnoff, espresso, Vanilla Gomme, Frangelico, Italian coffee & liqueur/Kalhua. 
Glenfiddich (40%) £3.45
Origin: Moray, Scotland 
Glenmorangie (40%) £3.45
Origin: Highlands, Scotland 
Macallan Gold (40%) £3.95
Origin: Moray, Scotland. 
Irish Coffee (Irish Whisky) £6.95
Jameson’s & fresh cream 
Gaelic Coffee (Scotch Whisky) £6.95
With fresh cream 
Calypso (Tia Maria) £6.95
Short, sharp & full bodied flavour 
Baileys Coffee £6.95
With fresh cream 
Caffe Royale (Cognac) £6.95
Disaronno with fresh cream 
Caffe Corretto £3.95
An espresso served with any of the following liquors: Grappa, Sambuca, Amaretto, Strega, Vecchia Romagna, Baileys, Drambuie, Cointreau 
Bells (40%) £3.25
Origin: Perth, Scotland. 
Famous Grouse (40%) £3.25
Origin: Crieff, Scotland. 
Johnnie Walker Black Label (40%) £3.95
Origin: Kilmarnock, Scotland. 
Jack Daniels (40%) £3.45
Origin: Tennessee, United States of America. 
Jameson (40%) £3.25
Origin: Dublin, Ireland. 
Margarita £6.95
Jose Cuervo Especial, triple sec liqueur & lime juice served with salt. 
Classic Pimms £6.95
Original Pimm's N1 Cup mixed with lemonade,Cucumber,Mint,Strawberries & Oranges 
limoncello Spritz £6.95
An aperitif cocktail consisting of Prosecco,Limoncello & Soda Water 
Campari Spritz £6.95
An aperitif cocktail consisting of prosecco,Campari & Soda Water 
Pink Gin Spritz £6.95
An aperitif Cocktail consisting of Prosecco.Pink Gin & Soda Water 
Frozen Pina Colada £7.95
Pineapple juice,Rum & fresh pineapple blended with crushed ice,Served with fresh pineapple 
Frozen Peach Daiquiri £7.95
Peach Puree,Bacardi and sugar syrup blended with crushed ice &served with fresh peach 
Frozen Pink G&T £7.95
Pink Gin,Rose Wine ,Lime Juice &Rosemary Tonic blended with crushed ice 
Italian Sangria £6.95
Red,White or Rose Wine Served with fresh slices of Peaches & Oranges,Topped with a lot of ice 
Woo Woo 557 (SP) Glass ~ £6.95
Pitcher ~ £19.95
Vodka, peach schnapps & cranberry juice served over ice with a slice of orange. 
Sex on the Beach 558 (SP) Glass ~ £6.95
Pitcher ~ £19.95
Vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice & cranberry juice. 
Big Innes 559 (SP) Glass ~ £6.95
Pitcher ~ £19.95
Malibu, Midori, Créme de Banane & pineapple juice. 
Cosmopolitan £6.95
Vodka, Cointreau orange liqueur, cranberry juice & fresh lime. 
French Martini £7.45
Vodka & Chambord raspberry liqueur with pineapple juice. 
Classic Mojito £7.95
Bacardi white rum, with fresh mint leaves, lime & topped up with soda 
Aperol Spritz £6.95
An aperitif cocktail consisting of prosecco, Aperol & soda water. 
Tom Collins £6.95
Bombay Sapphire Gin, fresh lemons, syrup & topped with soda 
Margarita £6.95
Jose Cuervo Especial, triple sec liqueur & lime juice served with salt. 
Bellini £7.45
Peach purée topped up with prosecco. 
Champagne Sunrise £7.45
Prosecco, orange juice & a touch of grenadine. 
Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri £7.95
As above, but blended with crushed ice & served like a slush! 
Negroni £7.25
Bulldog Gin, Campari, Martini Rosso & a slice of orange. 
Pornstar Martini £7.95
Stolli Vanilla, Passoa, passion fruit, lime juice, Vanilla Gomme, pineapple juice & prosecco. 
Martell VS (40%) £3.45
Courvoisier VS (40%) £3.45
Rémy Martin (40%) £3.75
Vecchia Romagna (40%) £3.95
Averna (29%) £3.45
Sweet, thick and has a gentle herbal bitterness, Origin: Caltanissetta, Sicily. 
Ramazzotti (30%) £3.45
Bitter in flavour. Origin: Milan, Italy 
Montenegro (23%) £3.45
Including vanilla & orange peels. Origin: Bologna, Italy. 
Jägermeister (35%) £3.45
Made with 56 herbs & spices. Origin: Wolfenbüttel, Germany. 
Amaro Del Capo(35%) £3.45
Caramel brBitter with sweet honey notes with a brust of mint&orange zest. Origin:Calabria,Italy 
Fernet-Branca (39%) £3.45
Bitter with a base of grape distilled spirits. Origin: Milan, Italy 
Limoncello (25%) £3.45
Italian Lemon Liqueur. 
Sambuca (38%) £3.45
Anise/liquorice-flavoured, Italian liqueur. 
Strega (40%) £3.45
Italian herbal liqueur 
Baileys (17%) £3.45
Irish whiskey & cream-based liqueur. 
Glayva (35%) £3.45
A blend of scotch whisky, honey, herb, tangerines, cinnamon, almonds & spices flavoured liqueur. 
Peach Schnapps (18%) £3.45
Peach flavoured liqueur. 
Malibu (21%) £3.45
Coconut flavored liqueur, made with caribbean rum. 
Chambord (16.5%) £3.45
Raspberry flavoured liqueur. 
Grappa (41%) £4.45
Grape-based, Italian pomace brandy. 
Amaretto (15%) £3.45
Sweet, almond-flavoured, Italian liqueur 
Passoa (12%) £3.45
Passion fruit flavoured liqueur. 
Southern Comfort (38%) £3.45
American whiskey-based liqueur flavoured with fruit and spice. 
Drambuie (40%) £3.75
A blend of scotch whisky, honey, herb & spices flavour liqueur. 
Cointreau (40%) £3.75
A brand of triple sec, orange based liqueur. 
Midori (20%) £3.45
Melon flavoured liqueur. 
Tia Maria (20%) £3.45
Rum, coffee beans & vanilla based Jamaican liqueur, dark in colour. 
Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila (38%) £3.45
Mexican alcoholic drink, infused from the blue agave plant. 
Pimm’s No.1 (25%) £3.45
Citrus fruit flavoured liqueur. 
Bacardi Carta Blanca (37.5%) £3.45
White Rum. Origin: Santiago de Cuba, Cuba 
Captain Morgan’s (35%) £3.45
Spiced Rum, Produced in Kingston, Jamaica. 
Havana Club No.7 (40%) £4.25
Dark Rum, Produced in Havana, Cuba. 
Violet Gin Boe £3.95
Made with violet flowers, 
Gordon’s (37.5%) £3.45
Nose is heavy with pine-laden juniper, with a peppery undertone, hint of coriander & citrus. Origin: England. 
Bombay Sapphire (40%) £3.75
A Juniper, coriander, almonds & lemon peel flavour although with a warm peppery finish. Origin: Hampshire, England. 
Pink Gin £3.75
Made with Real Berries, perfect for making a Pink & Tonic. 
Hendrick’s (41.4%) £4.25
A Juniper, Bulgarian rose & cucumber flavour. Origin: Girvan, Scotland 
Edimburgh Gin (20%) £3.75
Rhubarb & Ginger flavour, Origin: Edinburgh, Scotland 
Smirnoff (37.5%) £3.45
Origin: Moscow, Russia. 
Grey Goose (40%) £4.25
Origin: France 

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