Our People

Eufemio & Romano Perella (Owners)

Eufemio & his son Romano have been running Amore since 2008. Eufemio runs a lot of the back end while Romano runs the main part of the day to day service. Also owning other shops such as 'Amore d'Italia Dennistoun' , 'Salt & Vinegar Shawlands' & 'The Italian Caffe' although their main focus is Amore.

John Smith

Jordan (Manager)

Jordan has been working for Amore since 2012. Starting from a Waiter to now Managing the restaurant alongside the Perella Family.

Francesco (Assistant Manager)

Meet Francesco, elegant as he looks, helps the duty manager but mainly focuses on the Bar. Francesco has been with Amore since 2014.

John Smith

Diana (Supervisor)

The engine of the team, starting her career elsewhere in Glasgow, Diana has been in Amore since 2016 & runs the service of the restaurant.

Azalea (Supervisor / Hostess)

Full of smiles, Azalea helps the management with the running of the restaurant but focuses on customer reservations & greeting customers to their tables.